About the Advisory Board

In 2012, the Connecticut General Assembly established the Racial Profiling Prohibition Project Advisory Board (Connecticut General Statute 54-1s). The advisory board was established for the purpose of advising the Office of Policy and Management with respect to the adoption and standardized methods and guidelines pursuant to Connecticut General Statute 54-1m. The advisory board has been meeting since May 2012 on a monthly basis to oversee the requirements of the Alvin W. Penn law. All meetings are open to the public.

Four working groups were established to advise the advisory board on the various aspects of the project. Those groups include:

  • Data and Systems Work Group: assists the advisory board in shaping the system for collection and analysis of traffic stop records on an annual basis. Some of its activities include determining what information should be collected, how the information is reported to the state, and the best methods for analyzing that information.
  • Public Awareness Work Group: assists the advisory board in aspects of the project that relate to informing the public of the law and results from the annual analysis. The work group helps to coordinate public awareness and outreach efforts and works to ensure that all data and analysis are accessible to the public.
  • Training Work Group: assists the advisory board  in aspects of the project that relate to training police agencies in the collections of traffic stop data. The work group also works to identify and implement quality bias-based policing programs for police officers.  
  • Policy Work Group: assists the advisory board in reviewing any proposed legislation related to the Alvin W. Penn law and makes recommendations regarding the boards position. The work group also reviews policy recommendations that address racial disparities in traffic stops.

Advisory Board Members

William Dyson, Advisory Board Chair

Marc Pelka, Under Secretary, Office of Policy Management

Chief L.J. Fusaro, Connecticut Police Chiefs Association

Chief Neil Dryfe, Connecticut Police Chiefs Association

James Rovella, Commissioner, Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

Michael Gailor, Chief State’s Attorney Office

Rashad Glass, Office of the Chief Public Defender

Tanya Hughes, Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities

Tamara Lanier, Connecticut National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Aaron Swanson, Department of Transportation

Joseph Cristalli, Department of Transportation

Andrew Clark, Central Connecticut State University

Cheryl Sharp, Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities

Senator Gary Winfield, Connecticut General Assembly

David McGuire, American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut

Dr. Cato T. Laurencin, M.D., Ph.D., Community Member

Stacey Manware, Judicial Branch, Centralized Infraction Bureau

Colonel George Battle, Connecticut State Police

Lt. Marc Petruzzi, Connecticut State Police

Steven Hernandez, Commission on Equity and Opportunity

Steve Ginsburg, Connecticut ADL